Industrial Fire Brigade Training

When a business or industry is faced with fires, accidents, and other facility related emergencies, emergency response members must have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to quickly and efficiently mitigate these situations. The Industrial Fire Brigade Training program offered by our highly skilled instructor cadre of career firefighter are designed to address your specific industry needs. Closely working in conjunction with your safety or industrial health professional we will come on site and evaluate your current program and analyze your capabilities.

We can then tailor a recurring program to your specific needs. Because our training staff is engaged daily in “real world scenarios” we can blend those hands on experiences with right amount of balanced classroom hours to keep your emergency responders interested and top of their game.

Training Topics Include:

  • Fire Streams
  • Ropes & Knots
  • Extrication Tactics
  • Search & Rescue
  • Save your own
  • Foam
  • Building Construction
  • Ladders

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