8-Hour Incident Command Training

OSHA requires that all personnel who are expected to lead the response teams must have the 8-hour incident command training. 

They will respond to emergencies for the purpose of stopping chemical leaks or spills. It will be tailored to other specific chemicals in your workplace.

This course from FDM Safety Services is specifically designed to certify that your employees have met the training requirements for the implementation of an Incident Command System. This training examines all aspects of managing and conducting safe and efficient operations through the utilization of an Incident Command System.

Training Topics Include:

FDM Safety Services tailors this course to your site-specific needs with Management and Supervisory Staff at your facility. This shall include the utilization of the EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLAN on site and the general regulatory requirements for ICS during Hazardous Material incidents (29CFR 1910.120) and Industrial Firefighting/Incipient emergencies (29CFR1910.156).

The course includes lecture and video presentation sessions that serve as the basis and model for use in the follow-up tabletop scenario. Students participate as an individual and a member of a team on a minimum of two tabletop scenarios that simulate site-specific, and relevant events requiring the implementation of an Incident Command response. This course strongly emphasizes incident command strategies and tactics and provides video presentations of real emergency events that are critically analyzed by each student.

  • The Case for Emergency Oxygen
  • Integrating the Use of Emergency Oxygen
  • Emergency Oxygen Delivery Systems
  • Integrating Pulse Oximetry with Emergency Oxygen
  • Oxygen Delivery for a Breathing Person
  • Oxygen Delivery for a Non-breathing Person
  • After-use Considerations
  • Safety Precautions

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