American Safety & Health Institute

Emergency Oxygen Administration Training

Serious and life-threatening medical emergencies often cause oxygen to be depleted in the body leaving the victim at risk for shock. The HSI Emergency Oxygen program provided by FDM Safety Services focuses on administering emergency oxygen to breathing and non-breathing persons, emergency oxygen delivery systems and integrating pulse oximetry. FDM Safety Services provides Emergency Oxygen Administration training in their home state of Virginia and throughout the USA.

Course Prerequisites:

Current CPR and AED Training is required before completing this course.

Training Topics Include:

  • The Case for Emergency Oxygen
  • Integrating the Use of Emergency Oxygen
  • Emergency Oxygen Delivery Systems
  • Integrating Pulse Oximetry with Emergency Oxygen
  • Oxygen Delivery for a Breathing Person
  • Oxygen Delivery for a Non-breathing Person
  • After-use Considerations
  • Safety Precautions

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