Emergency & Medical Responder Training

FDM’s EMS First Responder Program is a 48-72 hour course developed to provide training in the provision of emergency care. Specifically for those who are likely to be the first medical personnel responding to the scene of an accident, fire, or medical emergency. The emphasis of the course prepares the responder to address immediate life threats and injuries until more highly trained personnel are available.

This training is appropriate for professionals such as firefighters, police officers, school bus drivers, and a large segment of other industries.

Training Topics Include:

The goal of this course is to train students to the level of First Responder; a crucial link in the chain of the medical team. This curriculum covers the abilities required for the person to render emergency medical treatment. Also, while using a minimal amount of equipment.

  • Determine the severity of the patient’s health or the degree of their injuries to determine whether they need emergency medical attention;
  • Administer appropriate emergency medical care for damage to the airway, breathing, or circulation that pose a threat to life;
  • Fulfill the requirements of the job description in a safe and effective manner.

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